foil wrappers and chocolate rabbits

Style : Rushed off my feet so far this week, with the end of the tax year looming and Easter bank holiday in a few days, work has been hideous. Have been looking through the pictures I took when Company magazine visited and thought I would share some of my photos from the day and a quick flash of the article.

Have you any plans for the weekend? As I am sure you know, I love any kind of celebration and hope to bake and ice some fondant fancies for my friends. I love the idea of Easter cake and egg hunts, pretty foil wrappers and chocolate rabbits.

I have a fancy dress party to go to on Saturday and also hope I will be able to sneak a few hours in with my husband before he heads off to New Jersey for a few days next week. So jealous of his proximity to NYC it is unreal. Then there is the building of that new blog and I will looking for small boutiques and blogs for sponsors. Watch this space for more news.

Have fun with your families and loved ones this weekend.

birthday wishlist (oh hai mum!)

Style : Its now just under 3 weeks till I reach the grand old age of 20. My 20th birthday is on April 2oth and I genuinely feel so old. I mean in the grand scheme of it I'm really not that old, But when I look at someone younger than me I'm always so shocked to see how "grown up" most of the girls are nowadays. I mean when I was 14 I used to wear baggy red corduroy trousers and too small t-shirts. All the girls nowadays want to be older than they are, and start fake tanning and doing makeup from the age of about 12. Its so weird, because it makes me feel like times have changed SO much so quickly. *sigh*

Today I got asked what I actually wanted for my birthday and I honestly didn't have a clue. To be honest, I don't want or need anything in particular. I always buy whatever I want when I want. I pay for everything I own myself so when it comes to birthday presents I'm always at a loss. Any way, Here are a few things that I like that I don't currently own!

MAC Lipsticks in Passitere, Costa Chic & Please Me (image credit)

Mullberry Alexa (image credit)

Rock N Rose Jewellery

"Keep Calm and Carry On" Poster (image credit)

What do you want for your next birthday?


Style : Mostly I am not a fan of dealing with the general public. But the other day I was talking to an elderly gentleman and he smelled like soap and old spice. The familiar scent transported me back to some of my favorite childhood days.

Happy days spent in my grandpa's potting shed. Growing herbs from vintage seed packets. Buckets of golf balls that he had collected from all the gardens he looked after that bordered the local golf course. The clattering of old tools and plant pots. Helping me tend my mouse and wild bird grave yard. No creature too small or unworthy of a dignified burial.

He never questioned why I was wearing a flower pot for a hat. Always held the wings of my dress so I didn't fall in the river. Took me to the local pig farm so I could snuggle new born piglets. Built me and my sister a swiss chalet in the garden so we could play house. Never got angry when I followed him around like a little shadow as he Mended things. I know you shouldn't have favorites, but Grampy Charles was mine. He is the reason I will one day have a garden shed all of my own.

Start your own potting shed this summer with antique garden equipment and seeds pictured from Re-found objects, or try Baileys home and garden.

first blossom

Style : Saturday. My weekend started with a candlelit dinner for Earth hour. It was nice to linger in the quiet still darkness and get away from the world for a while.

Sunday. Fruit toast. A walk in the park. First blossom. Grocery shopping. New linens. Cheese and bread.

cream tea

Style : what i wore 30.3.10
top: H&M
skirt: H&M
hype on lookbook/chictopia

I’m not really a top and skirt kinda girl, Always dresses. But this blouse really caught my eye in H&M, and it somehow wormed its way into my wardrobe after obsessing over it a few days. I feel so girly and sweet in this, which is the total opposite of how I normally dress. Excuse the thread hanging down, I did notice it and thought “oh ill photoshop it out!” but totally forgot and now I cannot be bothered to reupload!

My friend Olivia is over tonight, and we are going to drink lots of wine and eat some nachos. NOMNOM. She goes to uni in wrexham, so were having a good ol' catch up. Its great being able to see my old friends at the moment. Tomorrow I'm working and getting my nails done again. It should be lovely. Its nice to have some time off for easter and actually not have to work super hard 24/7!

The right white.

Style : Hello Monday!

I have started my two weeks intensive hunt for white living room inspiration. First stop James Merrell. Hopefully we should be inspired and ready for a good Friday paint off.

If you have any places I could look, be sure to let me know.

All images James Merrell

every drop that falls

Style :

top: primark
peter pan collar: topshop (dress worn here)
skirt: H&M
leggings: american apparel
rings: asos, H&M and jwlry

Not wearing orange or pink today! Well I am slyly but ssh ;) Haha! Ive been wanting to incorporate more peter pan collars into some of my outfits, seriously can you have enough peter pan collars? However I cannot justify buying a proper collar when the same look can be done by just popping a top over a dress/top with on already attached! After seeing someone do it, I think it was Kelly with a New Look Shirt  (I actually wore the shirt in question here) under a jumper, I decided to replicate. I'm actually wearing this orange polka dot dress from Topshop, cleverly hidden with a Primani basic top!

I couldn't sleep last night, I stayed up most of the night playing on Angry Birds and reading the new Chris Jehrico book on my Kindle. The fact that the clocks have changed, plus all the rest I got when I was ill has made my body clock absolutely out of wack! Its so crazy! Managed to get up relatively early (I lie, it was 10am!) in the hope I'll sleep tonight! Didn't do much today really, just went to uni, ate a chimichanga and came home. I and now chillaxing and packing more jewellery orders! I'm back at work tomorrow! Back to being busy all the time!