Style : Mostly I am not a fan of dealing with the general public. But the other day I was talking to an elderly gentleman and he smelled like soap and old spice. The familiar scent transported me back to some of my favorite childhood days.

Happy days spent in my grandpa's potting shed. Growing herbs from vintage seed packets. Buckets of golf balls that he had collected from all the gardens he looked after that bordered the local golf course. The clattering of old tools and plant pots. Helping me tend my mouse and wild bird grave yard. No creature too small or unworthy of a dignified burial.

He never questioned why I was wearing a flower pot for a hat. Always held the wings of my dress so I didn't fall in the river. Took me to the local pig farm so I could snuggle new born piglets. Built me and my sister a swiss chalet in the garden so we could play house. Never got angry when I followed him around like a little shadow as he Mended things. I know you shouldn't have favorites, but Grampy Charles was mine. He is the reason I will one day have a garden shed all of my own.

Start your own potting shed this summer with antique garden equipment and seeds pictured from Re-found objects, or try Baileys home and garden.


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